P.V. Thun Swiss Alps1
P.V. Thun Swiss Alps1

P.V. Thun Swiss Alps1

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Vintage painting depicting the grandeur of the Alps is unframed and measures 40" x 30". Condition is good; frame marks are visible at the very edge. Message me with any questions about condition from the photos.

An asset representing this painting has been created on the Ravencoin blockchain, which we believe will enhance the value of the art, and increase its utility in the future. Check out the asset here:


PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS FOR RVN: If you would like to purchase this painting using Ravencoin,

1.) Make payment to the following address:


2.) Email your txID and asset aware wallet address to rob@goodfindstores.com

3.) I will contact you with your shipping costs, usually within about 24 hours. Payment for shipping should be made to the same address shown above. Item will ship after both payments have been received.