Artist's proof signed print by Josip Generalic'

Artist's proof signed print by Josip Generalic'

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Lovely artist's proof print by a celebrated Croatian artist, this hand-signed art piece measures about 19.5" x 13.5" and ships UNFRAMED (photo shows the item framed). I have plagiarized this nice artist bio from

 Born in village of Hlebine, Republic of Croatia, on February 19, 1936. 

During his life, Josip Generalic has displayed his artworks on more than 1,000 collective exhibitions and 200 one-man exhibitions around the world. He was regularly present in all representative exhibitions of the Croatian and world’s naive art. The famous artist has been awarded by many international juries.

Generalic did a few scene paintings for Zagreb theatres; he illustrated children's books and made about thirty tapestries; one of them entitled the “Big Grape Harvest” is permanently displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in Soitama, Japan. Josip’s oil on glass and canvas paintings, his serigraphs and copper-plate etchings can be found in many galleries and museums. For 15 years, he’s been working intensively on copper etchings, using his own press. Generalic has been acclaimed by the critics as the top artist in the field of paintings and graphics and one of the greatest representatives of the world famous “Hlebine school”. Josip Generalic’s works of art are classified into four phases: the Hlebine verism, flower phase, portraits of distinguished persons and black phase.

In 1998 Josip moved back from Zagreb to Hlebine where he lived and worked.
Josip Generalic died in Koprivnica on 22nd Dec 2004 and was buried in Hlebine.