Urbain Huchet

When this original piece of artwork came into the store I was immediately enamored with it. Who was the artist, what drove him to create it, and how did this magnificent art find its way to me. I see hundreds of items come into the Good Find store, but sometimes one will stoke my curiosity enough to have me sit down and really spend the time researching and scouring the internet trying to find all the little details and provenances of the work. But each time I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn more of the history behind the painting and the nuance of it’s creator. 

This time, in the course of my research, I found that little was written about the artist himself, however I instantly saw why I was drawn to his work. Urbain Huchet’s gallery of paintings were flourishing and lively. Huchet was also a very talented lithographer, which is also something new I learned while trying to find the origin of this painting. Please joining me in exploring the magnificent Huchet’s masterpieces.

 Born in 1930 on April 28th, Urbain Huchet would spend the early years of his life in Rennes, France. In 1960 he decided, after studying law and owning a textile factory in France, it was time to expand his horizons. Huchet found himself drawn to the arts. Inspired by the likes of the Post Impressionist, Gauguin, and Symbolist, Emile Bernard, he formed his own fluid and free style of painting. He was exemplary at watercolor as well as painting on canvas. The Frenchman had an itch for travel and scoured the globe going everywhere from the Middle East, Egypt, Mexico, and India. His works are recognized by his free and open approach with his paintings. His pieces have been described as a beautiful expression of the world around him. He has a plethora of paintings depicting his version of the canals of Venice, streets of Paris and many other landscapes that inspired him when traveling the world.


Curating this brilliant artist’s work is, to me, one of the more important missions here at Good Find Store. We want to magnify the majesty of all the artworks that come through our doors. Just as Huchet shared his vibrant perspective of those landscapes that inspired him so much, the painting that we have showcased here in this week's newsletter is an inspiration to us to see this piece to its new home. I think it’s reminiscent of a gorgeous landmark in Paris, the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris. It stretches across the Seine River. In fact most if not all of his artworks are portrayals of cities and coastlines of the Brittany region, the coastline of France facing the Atlantic Ocean. Urbain Huchet was a rather spectacular artist, having exhibits all over the world in places like Egypt, Paris, New York, and New Orleans.  A craftsman of his stature and the beauty he conveyed on a canvas he for me to drink in and appreciate is one of the many benefits you have when working with such treasured items. Urbain is unfortunately not with us anymore; he passed away in 2014 at the age of 84. His work will live on and I feel a sense of history and responsibility having his signed and original artwork, and want to let as many people know how talented this man was. I’m privileged with sharing this amazing artist’s work with you all, and I hope that you take the time to appreciate this painting, and all of the hidden beauties we have here at Good Find Stores.

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