The Friends We Made Along The Way

Good Find is going online-only. 

It has been three years since Good Find took its first consignment at our storefront in Thousand Oaks, CA, and what a journey it has been. We have helped over 250 friends and neighbors sell thousands of individually unique items. We have sold items from our storefront at the Northstar Plaza, but also sold items across eleven different online platforms including our own, branded store, We have sold our community’s treasures across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Japan. At various times we have provided employment income to six different individuals, and provided work for a dozen different movers and haulers. We have put on a pretty good fundraiser for the State of California, too. 

Most importantly, we have built a community of shoppers and sellers who share our values of thrift, conservation, product quality, and design aesthetic. These are people who have a low time preference for finding the things they want, people who don’t know what they want until they find it, people just moving to our community, just leaving, or just shopping while they wait for their pizza pick-up from Barone’s next-door. I will miss all of those conversations and encounters. I will miss the community that has grown around the store and its operations. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve this community and I will continue to look for ways to advance Good Find’s core mission:

  • Returning and preserving value for our community by making a market in used furniture, housewares, and utility items, and
  • Conserving the art, objects, collectibles and ephemera that represent generations of heritage, travel and history by re-homing them with a loving family

I still believe very much in the omnichannel business model: selling from brick-and-mortar as well as online. It is my hope that I will be able to find the right combination of location and economics that will allow me to return to that model. Until then, I hope everyone who has enjoyed Good Find in person will visit us online, sign up for our newsletter, and share our posts and products with their friends.

Thank you,

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