Good Find Newsletter - June 17, 2020 Issue #3

3rd Friday Sale is Back On!

Social distancing is easy at Good Find.  We are now open for in-store sales, with two customers inside at a time. Masks are required. Or, shop online and pick-up curb-side. Stay safe! Our community has been doing great!

Paper Drive at Good Find!

Bring your clean, used Acorn Newspapers and paper grocery bags to Good Find and I will put them to good use.

One of our main missions at Good Find is the conservation, re-use and recycling of our communities resources. With our internet business booming, we can put your clean, used paper grocery bags and copies of the Acorn Newspaper to use right away as packing material.  I HATE buying packing paper! It is a double waste! Help us save money by dropping your paper bags and Acorn Newspapers off at the store during our regular business hours, noon to six, Tuesday through Saturday. 

 Good Find Swag

Support Good Find and help us get the word out with a Good Find tee-shirt, now available online or in-store. Buy one now at  Good Find Swag  !


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