7 Things You Should #NeverBuyNew

Here at Good Find we think there are a lot of types of housewares, decoration, art, furniture and other durable goods that you just shouldn’t buy new. One great source of wealth stemming from our consumer culture is the abundance of better-quality pre-owned items of all sorts. Resale items are a better value than new items because they are made of better materials, have a better design sensibility, and often cost the same or less than their lower quality, uglier, more wasteful contemporaries. If people wanted to make a difference in the world by voting with their wallets, there are some things folks just shouldn’t by new. This is by no means an exhaustive list. This is just an unranked selection of things you should never buy new, chosen by me walking around the showroom at Good Find Stores:

 Most furniture

How much would you pay for a newly made sofa? How long is the fabrication and delivery backlog? Oftentimes, if you check in with your local reseller you will find sofas, sectionals, loveseats and configurations you hadn’t thought of. Naturally, to find the right combination of style and quality you are seeking you may need to shop many and shop often, but it will always be #betterthannew

 Glassware, barware, crystal


Why would you go buy lower-quality glasses at some department store when you could buy Waterford and other great names like Stuart Crystal, Steuben Glass, Candlewick, and more. Depression glass, sunglass, amber glass; all better than some big box, non-resale retail throwaway-ware.



Desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps. Any kind of lamp, there is a better-quality lamp waiting at your local resale store, thrift store, or reseller. We have imported generations of Old World beauty, and fabricated decades of quality craftsmanship. You don’t need a catalogue of imports to find an amazing, rare or unique feature for your room.


Wall mirrors are one of those items which all homes need at least a few. For that same reason, there are always plenty of them floating around looking to get re-homed. And like everything else, older mirrors were made better. For better variety of styles, #neverbuynew.


Stand out from the crowd with fashion that says something about your principles. Resale items say you are unique, respect thrift and value, and like a classic style. There are a lot of exciting styles and accessories available for those who will seek.

 Fine art, wall art, period pieces

Fine art is one of the very best things you should #neverbuynew. Fine art is not just something to make your home more beautiful and your quality of life better, it is also a great investment. On average, fine art has appreciated in value over time, and your local reseller probably sees some great pieces. I know we sure do here at Good Find Stores.

 Décor items accents and accessories


The décor and accent pieces we see at Good Find are just incredible. Any one of them would light up your contemporary space with a touch of the classical, a hint of the avant-garde, a pop of art-deco, or bring home the authenticity of your theme-styled space.

 In addition to being rare, desirable, and holding their value, resale items are often made from production inputs that you could never find today, due to their high cost. Industries that make things have been financialized until the marginal quality is equal to the marginal cost. Vintage items are often made with things like wood, copper, brass, iron, or even steel, which you won’t find in items being made today. For a whole host of the things you will buy for your home, your best buy is at your local thrift store, consignment store, or other reseller.

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