Artist Barbara A. Wood signed print
Artist Barbara A. Wood signed print

Artist Barbara A. Wood signed print

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Framed in cherry wood colored 28" x 24" frame. 

From the Barbara A. Wood Gallery:

Barbara's work strikes a chord in the breast of the average man or woman and comes close to the heart, having a personal and lasting appeal. Fascinated with color, her canvasses can be bold or vigorous, or have a poetic delicacy. Each is marked with distinctive imagination, insight and love.

Barbara is ever striving to give us a glimpse of the universal woman, ever probing the quiet depths of the human drama. So let us enjoy the fruits of her labor. For it is the preference of the people that has given Barbara A. Wood a permanency.

Barbara A.Wood is a native of Columbus, Ohio. Barbara, never knowing her real father, was raised by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Her mother having to work in order to make ends meet, shewould often leave Barbara in the care of her grandmothers. The personalities of the three women formed a catalyst for her art.

As an only child and sometimes a lonely child, she was afflicted with bouts of pneumonia and asthma and spent many hours in her room longing to be with friends. "It seemed I was always on the inside looking out." Perhaps that could explain the sensitivty in so many of her paintings. Barbara remembers her mother encouraging her to sketch and paint, and always keeping her in ample supplies of artist materials. Sometimes her only friends were the ones she created on her drawing board.

Following high school she attended Traphagen Shool of Fashion on a scholarship, however, one of her instructors encouraged her to turn her talents to fine art. We are grateful to this instructor, whoever he is, for now we are the recipients of an art rich in imagery.

Taking this advice, Barbara transferred to the New York Students Art League. She continued her studies, married and moved to California. Barbara continued to paint and study while raising her three children. She attended the Otis Parsons School of Art and later the Pasadena School of Fine Arts.

Over the past six decades Barabra has painted with vitalized energy, becoming an international artist. Her list of collectors is a virtual "Who's Who" of celebrities and collectors around the world. She has traveled from London to Scotland to Alaska to Japan exhibiting in one woman shows. Through her serigraphs and other works of art she is able to reach an audience far and wide. Now, we can enjoy the fruits of her creativity and her special gift.